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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

mmFBP_301My name is  Marc Margate, blogging from the Island of Vieques in Puerto Rico.  I am an Internet Marketer and soon to be a full-time retiree,

I left the Corporate World Five Years ago, to Pursue the “Internet Lifestyle” on this small Tropical Island in the Caribbean.  I have been attracted to Island Living and have done so for most of my life.

I was born and raised on the Big Island of Luzon in the Philippines ( sometimes referred to as the Philippine Islands or P.I. – comprised of around 7,000 islands).  After my family immigrated to the USA,  I ended up living and working in different islands.

I’ve Lived and worked on St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands, Sanibel & Captiva Islands on the West Coast of Florida, and now I’m back in the Caribbean on Vieques Island in Puerto Rico.  I am an “Islander” by heart.

After years of trying to build an online business without any success, I decided it was time to get some coaching.  If other people can build successful businesses online, I’m sure I can too.  I just needed someone to show me how.

So, shortly after moving to Vieques, I joined Alex Jeffreys’ Mentoring Program – Marketing With Alex 3.0.  I believe this was Alex’s last Live Coaching Program and I felt fortunate to have gotten in. I continue to study and learn from the Lessons that Alex have shared in his coaching

One of the success tips that I learned from Alex during our first Mentoring Session was the idea of keeping a Journal to keep track of my progress to have a place to record my thoughts, ideas and revelations.  A place to keep track of what is and what isn’t working.

I have very bad  penmanship as my hands cannot keep track of my thoughts so it looks more like chicken scratch.  Sometimes, readers, including myself, have difficulty reading what I’ve written, If I print it out and use all caps, then I’m fine as it does slow my writing down just as it does when I’m using a keyboard, That’s why I like computers!

So, here it is – My Journal -This Blog

If you noticed, there is a huge gap from when this blog was started, five years ago, where it just stopped all of a sudden – and yes it did!

A series of Events led to a series of decisions that led me through this long and winding road called LIFE! The following Trilogy of Blog Posts, dated from this weekend explains it all!

  1. My Internet Marketing Nightmare
  2. The Long & Winding Road
  3. Moving Forward

In the past 4 years, I’ve focused on OFFLINE MARKETING and have been successful at it.  I am the proud owner/operator of Islander Media Pro, helping the island local businesses community with their Online Marketing needs.  I have managed to transferred some of my “Internet Marketing” skills to the “Offline” world  as well as having to learn brand new skills  that are now being applied in the other direction.

With the growth of the Internet and the advances in Technology such as smart phones, the Lines between the “Offline World”and the “Online Word” continue to be blurred save for some minor distinctions.

And we’re back to Internet Marketing.  The so called “Internet Gurus” have started to lay claim on this once fertile field we had known as the ‘Offline Market” and have started to flood it with Get Rich Quick Schemes, Rehashed Ideas and their Magic Pills and Silver Bullets like they’ve done to the “Online World”

So once again. I find myself an Internet Marketing Newbie.  Its time to sift through the dirt to find the Golden Nuggets that we can use in this ever-changing marketplace that now merges both the Online and Offline worlds.

Once again the student has gone out in search of the teacher/s and Mentor/s who will honestly guide me through this maze of information and mis-information,  ethically and with integrity,  as well as help me be a Teacher and Mentor for others.

I have just found them through MLSP starting with Steve Krivda, my direct mentor and Diane Hochman, who is currently mentoring our class on “Attraction Marketing”

I’m sure I’ll be meeting more of them as time and knowledge progresses.  What I’ve experienced so far has been a much needed boost that makes you want to work harder and be successful.

So here we are, the revival of this blog.

I have now revised my purpose in publishing  this blog from when it started.  The object of this blog is threefold:

  1. To document my Journey in transforming myself from a Marketing Newbie to being a Marketing  Mentor for others.
  2. To share the knowledge gained from this process with you my readers and my fellow students who are or want to embark on the same Journey I’m taking.
  3. To hold myself accountable to you my readers and fellow students in following through with the action steps needed to be successful.

Please visit often to check on my progress or better yet, join me on this journey.  please subscribe to my Newsletter which will start mailing out on the first week of May (I know you’ll all hold me accountable for this, so sign up and see if I followed through) Plus “Friend me on Facebook!

Thanks for Visiting.


Salud, Amor Y Dinero, Tiempo para gastarlo Y Disfrutarlo!

I wish you Health, Love and Wealth and the Time to spend  and enjoy them!

Marc Margate